About Us

REJBEN UAB  is a company producing furniture suitable for every individuals needs. We produce not only standard, but also nonstandard furniture for

kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, children's rooms, offices, restaurants, etc.



Our vision is to become a well known and respected furniture manufacturing company not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries, foreign markets.

In the present we are doing our best to make our vision reality.


Our mission is quite simple. We know people's needs, and we do everything to give our clients the highest quality of novatoric products by the lowest

possible price. Also, to take care of our customers as well as our business partners. And last, but not least - being socially responsible and reliable



Our main goal is to work as much rationally as it is possible in order to increase the efficiency and flexibility of efforts to adapt to changing customers and

business partners needs.


* Highest quality of work;
* Highest quality of furniture made;
* Qualified staff;
* Innovations;
* Professionalism;
* Justice, fairness and responsibility;
* Cooperation and trust;