UV print on various surfaces

UV printing on mirrors, glass, organic glass, MDF, laminated chipboard, etc. and various materials (even those that are sensitive to heat).

3D printing with the ability to create three-dimensional images (up to 5mm).


SPEED - up to 30 m2 / h
Printing width - up to 1600mm
Thickness - up to 200mm
Material weight - up to 150kg (distributed)


1) Door decoration;
2) Kitchen wall decoration;
3) Closet door decoration;
4) Interior Decoration;


REJBEN graphic database can be found under this link


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Vector graphic offers can be found under this link


WARNING: The color palette of the image on your screen and in print can be different!


UAB REJBEN glass types and their main differences used by the company


UAB REJBEN in their production uses various types of the highest quality glass, the main of which are OPTIWHITE and FLOAT. The main differences of glasses listed above are:
OPTIWHITE - main virtue is that it ensures the maximum light transmittance  and transmits the colors outside the glass maximally realistic. This is achieved by reducing the percentage of iron in glass manufacturing process.
The main difference between FLOAT (single glass)  and OPTIWHITE is that the first production (FLOAT) has a greenish tint. Items through this glass obtain noticeable greenish tint.
In the picture above differences between these glasses are shown.  The top one is  OPTIWHITE glass, The bottom one - FLOAT.

When you order products from REJBEN, please make sure to tell us on the choice of the type of glass you prefer.